How bizarre is this?

[video:youtube]MLR Spa trackday - EVO crashes M3 E46 - YouTube[/video]

Saw this on SELOC and I cant believe how badly the EVO driver reacts when his car steps out of line by like 2 degrees.

He just jumps on the brakes. If he had simply took his foot off the throttle it would have straightened up. To bo honest, he should have just kept his foot in and given it a twwek of oppo!

looks like he looses it coming off the gas to change gear…

The guy is no Tommi Mackannen thats for sure!

As you say Sean, for the Evo “gizmos” to work, you need to keep on the power.

Can’t help but feel sorry for both drivers involved (but especially the BMW) - never nice to see a crash on a trackday.

Agreed. Totally gutting for everyone involved. Plus a long and expensive trip home on the back of a transporter, because I bet they both drove to the circuit.

Hitting the BM in the side as well will be a proper expensive fix, where as the Evo will probably just be bumper bonet and maybe front panel, all easy bolt on stuff.

Someone on Seloc says “i wonder if the evo guy will pay out” I don’t think he should, we all know the risks we take attending a track day, you either book insurance or you dont and you take what ever happens on the chin.


That will be a very expensive fix on the BMW.

I got hit in the side by a car last year (in the Nissan) by a car getting spun around by a truck and it took over a month to get fixed and I believe came close to being a right off, on a �18k 6month old car!

And if he had no ABS he would have simply slid in a straight line and hit nothing !!