How BIG???? Lotus Std. Exige S cat back

Just fitted the Quicksilver cat back and OMG how big and heavy is the Lotus std. Exige S exhaust!!!

Std. weighs in at 17kg vs. the Quicksilver 7.5kg!!!

I must admit the Quicksilver is much louder than I was expecting. TBO I am worried about trackdays.

Has anyone fitted a Quicksilver cat back and had any problems on circuit?

I have to say under load its loud, but fine cruising, with really satisfying pops and crackles on down and up shifts.

Getting rid of my 5kg Ultra light Titanium 102.5db’s Donnington but 99db’s average at Silverstone I am running the Q/S 421 manifold too I guess! The pops and bangs are great though

Oh and yea I know it’s like removing the Titanic from the back of your car…it’s bloody HUGE!

I went on a factory tour to Hethel week-before-last, and learned, maybe worryingly, that the back-box/silencer is classes as part of the collapsible structure in the event of a rear-impact as there is no give in the chassis whatsoever unlike standard/boring road cars.