How big is my smile....I'll tell ya how big!

My day so far…

It started well before I’d even got out of bed

Full English breakfast…(no mushrooms)

My good lady decided she wants a day shopping and off she goes.

I get the car out, do a few miles to get it warmed up… Where is everyone? Roads deserted. A bit of morning damp under the trees, a few puddles, so I pick a good route. CD player on max…Prodidgy, good driving toons.
Next 20 mins are a blur, maximum attack, roads still empty.
Do a stint on the motorway, nearly max out, then have a feeling, just a feeling, so slow down, give the engine a breather. 70mph…change CD…speedtrap…“thank feck”

Hallelujah!!! Maybe everyone is in church and I’m one of the lost souls they are praying for.

Hope you all had a great day too.


Sweet! How lucky is empty roads!

I went to work for 10 and finished at 4 but all double time so not too fussed really

Then a nice blat home, through the deserted streets of london city into the not so deserted streets in Essex-type-essex… Now what to do next? Maybe a skate down the seafront

How can you have a full English without mushrooms?

Mushrooms…The devils fruit!

Mushrooms are Manna, well fungus from heaven you crazy fool!

The next time, just get you lovely wife to send them to me

How can you have a full English without mushrooms?

Exactly - I had one yesterday and it was the size of a small hat - mmmmmmmmm

Was it one of the magic variety

You’re all mad. I consider myself a fun guy, but you lot have gone too far.

…I’ll get me coat.

Well it tasted Magic anyway, especially with those lovely farm shop spicy sausages and smokey bacon, beans, toast and two runny eggs… no drugs required there

Fun guy…fungi

Right, i’m really going this time.

good idea