How are A048's Road Legal ???

How the fook did Yokohama get A048’s passed as road legal ???
The more I use them the more I wonder :crazy:
Went to CN’s today to sell my old pampers and the car was almost undriveable - proper crapped myself several times

I know they’re fine on dry smooth roads but how often do we get those conditions ?

So some proper road/wet tyres are needed - what’s the current thinking - T1R’s, R1R’s or do any of the mainstream manufacturers make something suitable ?
Looked at Camskill’s site and there seems plenty of choice if you go 205/45 front and 225/45 rear
Before you all start about searching for previous threads you want to try - it’s like a driver training day needle in an intercooler haystack :wink:


Toyo R1R’s seem to be a nice compromise between 48’s and full on summer tyres such as Eagle F1’s. They are still ‘interesting’ when the temps are around zero in winter due to the compound.

Another tyre to consider is Yoko AD08’s which have deeper tread than the R1R while being just as good from the reviews I’ve read.

I’ve got two sets of wheels, one with winter tyres on and R1R on the others. My plan next is to run R1R/AD08 on one set and 48/888 for trackdays/roadtrips on the other set.


Conti sport contact 2 for road use is what I use for the last 4 years on a spare set of alloys.

Check out Event tyres.

R1R’s are a revelation for daily driving duty in UK weather (sunny one day, pi55ing down the next). loving mine altho some steering feel is lost copared to A048’s.

Just spotted this on my recently delivered R888s - may be of some interest to daily drivers;

I just need to find some tyres that will last a bit longer than the 48’s but that don’t lose much in performance. Guess it’s a hard balance to achieve.

[quote=HT67]Just spotted this on my recently delivered R888s - may be of some interest to daily drivers;


Note: 32 deg F… !!!

FFS, impossible in UK!!!

The message is DONT store them in your cold garage!!!

OR leave your car outside in winter… or even inside in a cold garage!!!

I think I will be going AD08 next time 10mm tread rather than 5mm and just as good (maybe better) than R1R’s from what I have read. Cheaper too which is a bonus.

Same here Andy, seems like a no brainer. Just got to kill off the R1R fronts as they seem to be lasting forever.


Front 48s or 888s last about 3 times longer than the rears, even without an Alan Shearer panel.

With deeper tread the car will feel Shoite…
Tread squirm is horrible in a car such as ours …
By all means try it (as I did )…

Peace flamers x

Yup R1R’s have been fantastic so far for me…and seem to be lasting longer than the R888’s. Grip has been fairly good as well give or take a few frozen roads.

I never had a problem with A048’s other than them costing �750 a set to fit.

Still waiting for yokohama to supply AD08 in exige rear sizes. As soon as they do I’l be running a set as mine does more road miles than anything. If work is doing ok I’ll buy another set of wheels to put them on and keep the A048’s on the current set.

I’d guess the AD08’s would soon overheat with any serious track work.

How long do the R1R’s last with normal road use?

[quote=ch1ps]Conti sport contact 2 for road use is what I use for the last 4 years on a spare set of alloys.

Check out Event tyres. [/quote]

Same here. Swapped over to Conti’s a couple of years & found them a great all year tyre. Haven’t noticed any grip issues & have done a couple of trackdays & 3 Euro hoons on the same set as well as daily driving.

AD08 is classed as a trackday tyre, lots of info on the web but everything I read has them rated as good as or better than R1R’s. No mention of squirm or overheating.


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