How about this colour for an Exige then…

Ok, so I can understand that some may not want a car the colour of diarrhoea, but, I think it could look absolutely gorgeous, well, either that or like you parked next to a muck-spreader at the wrong time…


Uldis, you were thinking about a colour change right…


no likey!

Still thinking on satin black, with some details…

Yikes! They say you can’t polish a turd, but that’s what it would look like if it were possible

Nah horrible David, my next project exige is going to be scandal green

I really like the colour on the 997, not sure how it would look on the Lotus thou !

Anyone else think that as amazing as the new 997 is inC4s form that Porsche have got it totally wrong on the Turbo…Those nasty Max Power wheels and body scoops, yellow calipers, to me it’s lost something…Good job that the turbo designer must have been on a day off when they did the GT3…WOW !!

Good job that the turbo designer must have been on a day off when they did the GT3…WOW !!

The 911 designers have been on holiday since 1963




PS. No

David, David, David - have you been drinking young man.

That is awful.

The residuals will be the same colour although somewhat smellier.

Now scandal green on the other hand

D o g S h i t Brown

Ok, so perhaps that was a slightly shitty idea, but� in my defence, I would like to pull the �didn�t sleep much over the weekend due to watching Le Mans, so therefore couldn�t quite think straight� excuse card�

That said, I would love to see a scandal green car though. I�ve only ever seen it in pictures and never been quite convinced, I reckon it�s probably one of those colours that really needs to be seen in the flesh to get the full effect .


Isn’t it Krypton Green by another nam

What is it about the Krauts that they come up with crap colours (pun intended)…

997 in Dynorod Red…now that would be new!!!

Isn’t it Krypton Green by another nam

They�re probably pretty much same colour, but, as far as I know �scandal green� was introduced with a new kind of black (which was in some way more black than the regular black ) when the Sport 160 was launched… also I think scandal green may be slightly more pastely yellow than krypton green…


sorry cannot agree,

From what I saw, ‘scandal’ green had a similar metallic look/effect as ‘Chrome’ orange, or for that matter ‘Chilli’ red. Krypton green to my tired old eyes is very much the same as the scandal colour.

Yeah, you’re probably right mate, like I say, I�ve never seen a �scandal� car in the flesh, and I geuss pics don�t really do bight colours justice…

Don�t suppose anyone has/had a �scandal green� car on here?


Mmmm - the new 997…

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