How about an Exige ?????

Looking to supplement my scooby with something a bit more sporty and a Exige came to mind. The questions are:1. Running costs, servicing intervals, costs, insurance, MPG2. Baby seat - is it possiable3. Ground clearance4. Problems, also looking at the TVR route5. Any other info that might help me decide

Very quickly…Service �300/400evry 6000 milesOil every 3000 if you are sensibleCost to buy anything from �21k to �28K dep on car and whether dealer or privateAbout 28mpg.Baby seat - no probs - but engine noise tends to scare the sh1t out of most babies.Ground clearance - just enough - but don’t drive up or down curbs - its expensive.Only way is to drive one - you’ll love it!!Tony

Adding to Tone’s comments:1. Insurance, join Lotus Life and get 10% off Lotus Esteem insurance, especially if you’re taking it on a track (which you MUST do).2. If you have only a harness a child seat is both tricky and boarderline illegal (see here or e-mail me). I wouldn’t put a sub two year old in one.3. Be careful coming out of petrol stations, speed bumbs are generally fine.4. Check this site for the problems. For what you’d get it’s a blooming marvel. You’ll be driving past TVRs on the track.5. Drive one!Ian [image][/image]