Hottest ever track session!

God to see a few of us at Donington last night - but it was sooo hot…
Luckily Gandhi’s had aircon to cool us all down!
Lost my water again, so time to get the head gasket checked out on the VHPD.

I did a trackday Saturday and that was plenty. I cannot imagine yesterday was much fun in that heat!

One hour race at Castle Combe on Sunday.
It was , as you say, hot!

Yep brutal day, grateful to get home!

Nice to see/catch up with those that I did. :thumbup:

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Great to bump into a few of you last night in the pit garages. I was with my little lad who loved looking around all the Lotus despite the lovely GT3 RS being his favourite!


The GT3 with a flat battery that the Lotus specialists in attendance had to sort??

Oh really? I’m sure he appreciated you were there to help! :clap:t2:
I think he mentioned he had bought the car of his friend and it was it’s first track outing. It’s exactly what it’s built for.