Hot Wheels Exige

Hi everyone. I have a hot wheels model exige (lotus sport elise) for sale. It’s painted gold with lotus sport on the side, in it’s packet unopened and brand new. I’m not sure what to ask for it but make me an offer(nothing daft, ok �6.00+p&p), apparently they are pretty rare. I don’t want to put it on e-bay 'cos I’d rather it go to a good home.

Are you sure they’re rare? Got mine for �2… I think they’re about that on ebay as well, they’re a 2002/2003 model. Or maybe it’s the only Lotus that has increased in value?!

Here’s one for 99p:-


I have already two

And one I’m going to paint silver, like my car.

ok ok, chaps that’s fine I’ll keep it myself and paint it lazer blue like my car…Just trying to help, if someone wanted one really…99p is a good price pity I paid a bit more innit, still there you go…Perhaps evosal may want it to make a 340R out of