Hot Start Problems ??

Just picked up the Exige today, still got the full 190 kit on. I took it to the petrol station - as is always the first thing you need to do, as soon as I tried to start it up it kept dying. I thought I’d put leaded in or something stupid but no. It restarted Ok but kept stalling. I only got about 100 yards and it had cut out about 5 or 6 times.Has anyone got any ideas ?? Seems ok when cold

I think I have the same problem when very hot. See here: I think X46NNO (3rd post in above) may have the answer, idle control valve, but I haven’t had it checked yet. Doesn’t sound overly costly.Ian [image][/image]

I now own X46NNO and I have had to play with the idle control valve.I might be wrong, but I thought that the idle control valve was only there for when the engine is cold to keep it idling (almost like a choke function on an old carb)I cleaned mine out with Carb Cleaner and it certainly smoothed down the idle - not sure if it will do anything for hot start problems.Mark

TaIt’s got to go back to the Lotus dealer on Friday for a week (Boo Hoo) to be detuned back to 178 spec. I will get him to have a good luck at it. The Idle valve does make sense though.

quote:Originally posted by Sparky74:…to be detuned back to 178 spec…Huh?!

Originally posted by Sparky74:…to be detuned back to 178 specWHAT Sparky are you mad does it scare you at 190 BHP or do you know somthing we do not say petrol shortage in the near future ?WHY do it