Hot Hatch drivers

Is it just me, or all Hot Hatch drivers homosexual?
Increasingly often (which aint much these days) when out for any kind of run in the Exige, some T**t will come right up my backside, in a kind of goading fashion.On one occasion even pulling alongside, then dropping back, only then to take a run up & go by
Is this a trait of the ‘high performance thro’ light wgt/modest power’ philosophy (& therefore considered a challenge), or what
Maybe they should just swap their Gameboy for a trackday or two
Anyone else with similar experiences?

Had a cock in an Impreza wagon do that to me last night. I was not pleased

Even during all the hype in the early days (& ownership) of the S1 Elise, it was anyone in a white van, or baseball brained maxpower, who’d see you in the mirror and fumble for the lowest available gear.Pathetic, really.I just let 'em go.It does spoil the ownership experiece though


Just remove your rearview mirror, they can do what they like then while you enjoy more of a view out of the front!


After having a few cars over the past year-and-a-half I can comment:

Civic Type R - every man and his dog wants to race you
Exige - in my experience very few, maybe it’s because mine was too mean looking in black with tinted windows Ohhh… apart from a nice 964 911, and that was a mutual bit of fun
VX220 - most don’t try it on… apart from Impreza drivers (not just the one last night) who feel they must prove themselves by driving like arses around me - even guys with brand new STi’s!!

can’t say i have ever had any problems or maybe its just that i don’t notice em…

Thanks for the posts, guy’s. I was just having a bit of a rant really. I must find out what time the Cumbria police take lunch, & go crank up the ‘ICE’(third pedal from the left ).Tim.

Know what you mean Tim there are a few warm hatch & Impeza drivers round Carlisle that like to try it on. Really not worth the bother even taking up challenge which appears to p*ss them off more than blowing them off.

I find nobody really wants to race me.
But if they did I would just let them pass. I determine my own pace.

Although there was one time that I passed a Max power type hot hatch in a B road and he upped his pace to keep with me. He was really trying hard, but I upped my pace again and bye bye!

I know, it’s childish but it was the proper twisty environment, and it felt so good!

There goes another diffuser, I presume??