Hot air (and exhaust fumes) in the cabin...

Ever since I got the Exige, one of the things that was apparent is the heat in the cabin.And my wife mentioned to me that there was a faint smell of engine fumes inside. I didn’t feel it.Until recently.On my recent trip to Croft, I started hearing a noise from the exhaust, like a bolt was loose (in fact one of the Cat bolt was apparently not tightened properly and came loose) and started smelling exhaust fumes in the cabin.The smell was bad when the windows were open and disappeared when they were closed. Also, with the windows open, the handbrake lever got increasingly hot and cooled down with them closed.It turns out that with the windows open the cabing becomes a low pressure zone (venturi effect on the sides) and therefore sucks air from wherever it cans.Some of it it sucks from the ventilation system, but some of it is being sucked from the holes in the wall behind the seats, the ones for the handbrake cables and something else (that I couldn’t figure out, looked like a 3 way fluid conector: brakes?)Solution: close them. Initially thought of a dense foam, but couldn’t find any. But I had plenty Mylar and aluminum tape, so used that.Pictures and test reports (when I test the car) will follow.Uldis

Have always found this to be a problem although to varying degrees on different days which has always puzzled me. However, will be very interested in pics when available as will be living in the car touring around Europe again in 4 weeks and would like to try and follow your lead if you can get pics up in next couple of weeks

There you go, found out that the hot air entry is completely eliminated: cooler cabin for all!And the stingy exhaust fumes have gone back to normal.That is, my wife always complained that the car had a slight smell of engine bay, even from new. It has now gone back to normal.But no stingy fumes anymore.Hmmmm, how to solve that? [image][/image] [image][/image] note that this last picture of the upper opening is rotated 90 deg clockwise.[This message has been edited by Uldis (edited 11 June 2003).]

Uldis - what is the Lotus Part number for this mod? [image][/image]