Honda revs

Just had honda conversion completed by MSC. Is it usual for the revs to go flat at about 4000rpm - 5000rpm just feels a bit dead unlike the old K that just kept on going.

Suggest taking it to MSC if you’re not happy.
It may have a problem.
Or it may be the dip in torque (I’ve seen one RR chart with a dip)

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Sounds like there is a problem but I’m sure it will be a simple fix, most likely a wrong setting in the ECU or something. Should have loads and loads better low/mid range than the K. Give them a call or send Simon S a U2U on SELOC.

Is it happening only when the engine is cold? Remember that the Vtec won’t switch cams until its up to temp.


I used to have a Civic Type-R so I am familiar with the engine. Is the engine brand new? I’ve heard you can really rev the engines from new, although the handbook for the Civic reccomended at least 600 miles before any hard use.

Have you checked the oil level? I know it may sound daft as you’ve only just had the work done but they may have forgotten to top it up, the VTEC is a hydraulic system and requires the oil to be kept topped up. The engine may use a lot of oil during running in so keep your eye on it… I’ve heard of brand new Type-R’s blowing engines because of this. You don’t expect to burn a litre of oil in 1000 miles! Also is the engine warm? The revs are limited until it is somewhere close to being to temperature, or at least they were in the Civic.

Hope this helps


You don’t expect to burn a litre of oil in 1000 miles!

Unless it’s a K that is!


I heard it was a simple fix - just a duff lamda sensor. Good news .

How are you getting on with it now you have full power .

replaced lamba but still not right MSC have been on the ball and have it on the computer now as we speak.hopefully back tonight. Oil levels are all fine thanks not used a drop.

Thanks to MSC for finding the problem it was connected to the lamda sensor but it was the wiring side not sensor itself. Car would run leaner and leaner then wack loads of fuel in not pleasant. All sorted now. Roll on the summer to get rid of this white cold stuff.