Honda help

Anyone in the UK had this conversion? I’m interested in this too. Please say hi on…[email protected], Paul

Also does anyone know any UK garages that have ALREADY done this conversion?Thanks, Paul

Pabs, having this done to my car right now. I can answer most of your question this side of the Atlantic and guide you through the the process. It seams as if things are yet to be put in stone, but I am getting things in place to be able to offer afitting service for the Honda power switch, depending on what you wish to do I can under take the whole job, so as to offer a seamless service. I was out in LA last week with Joe and for those who have seen his web site will know that the standard of the fittings and materials used are exceptional. Once you see the Honda engine in the car you know that it is something special. Its hard to say with out seeing it in the flesh, as it just looks so spot-on. Joe walked me round the car and showed me how involed he has been in the development and the design, leaving no room for compromise as that is not how Joe works. The engine is currently mated to the standard exige rear box, this will not be for long on Joe’s car. For those who wish will be able to specifiy there exact requirements(wait till you see these!!).I guess because of the rear box the sound when started from cold does have the exige note in it. Apart from the fact the engine has no ruff idle like the VHPD, just sits there at 1400rpm rock steady after aminute or so this dropped back to 900rpm again smooth and without missing a beat. Now the part that you will have to experience for yourselfs, but take my word for it , outrageous, that comes about halfway to summing up. There is everything that you could want and the flexibility that you could only dream of in the old car. That backed up by the fact that its usable in all of the six gears and throughout the rev range upto the red line at 8600rpm!!!Times and top speeds ,well my car will be ready soon and I am more than happy to let you see for yourselfs. But it will not disappoint. Looking forward to seeing it’s performance along side one of the TT cars very soon.You can reach me on 01903 767300 or mail me at [email protected] to all matt

Paul,Matt seems to have mis-spoken in regards to the gearbox. I’m using the close ratio 6 speed LSD equipped Honda gearbox. Take a look at if you’d like to see some photos of what I’m doing.I was going to E-mail Matt, and have him straighten things out, but figured this would be quicker. He will receive two lashes with a wet noodle for the slip of tongue!Joe

Back box = muffler! [image][/image]

I beleive there is also still a problem with the Honda ECU and the immobiliser circuit ?Also the driveshafts ?

JoeLooks like you have some pull on the demand side this side of the pond.Anythoughts on getting a UK partner to provide a fitting service?Any news on engine sources which I understood you were working on?

We’ve found a good source of used engines in Japan. Most of them are just wreckers, and they want you to buy a whole 40 ft. ocean container full of assorted engines, which we have no use for. My associate has a friend who’s brother owns an auction company, and any K20A Type R that comes through his auction house will be “set aside” for us. I still need to talk further with him to find if we can drop-ship them to you in the UK, and exactly what the cost will be, but the connection has been made, which seems to be the biggest hurdle in Japan, the rest is just in the details. We’re also working on a source for brand new engines from Honda, for those who can afford one. My associate also tells me he found a company that can supply all these hard to find electrical connectors we need to adapt the Honda to the Lotus system in a “plug and play” fashion. Once again, the connection has been made, but I still have to work out the details, cost and delivery time, etc.The half shafts will be finished in two weeks, so that bit isn’t an issue any longer.The immobiliser mystery still has yet to be solved, but we’re working on it.Joe

Oops, forgot to mention I’ve been contacted by Jack Davis from Brooke-Kensington. He seems to be quite keen on doing the conversions, and is coming to meet with me in early January at the L.A. Auto Show, where I’ll be displaying my Exige. Any of you have experience with Brooke-Kensington? I’m concerned with quality of workmanship, and customer service. I want no ****ers on my team!Sorry about the misunderstanding about the “back box”, it’s just a term we don’t use. I’ll try to improve my “English” in the future! It’s amazing what an ocean and 200 years will do to a common language.

Personally I would only pay for a brand new Honda engine. I would also expect the fitters to be a top class uk act that’s been around for some time. Would be ideal to buy the car as an entire finished article all brand new really, without all the ****ing around. I would pay 30k for a 250bhp elise tomorrow.