Honda Exige Insurance?!?

Does anyone with experience have any good suggestions of where to try for insurance now my Exige is being Honda’d???


JohnO, headhoncho of Autotorque, is your man (for all your cars!)Tel No 0161 278 5226

Cheers, will give him a shout. Just remembered I forgot to send you over the race dates… look at

Are you going to BoB with Seloc?

Hi Chris

Can’t do BoB - off to Le Mans (again!!!) next Weds for 1 week - that’s after the coming weekend at Oulton for the British GTs! Ne pas de Brownie Points, je pense

I wish I was Honda’d too

Good point about BoB,…was thinking I should attend really. Sorry to hear that Le Mans caused major engine damage Randy and that you won’t be out at Brands…I caught a bit of the race on MotorsTV and saw you retire but it did not say why.

Of course, classic LeMans. You are going to have a great time. We will have to meet up soon so you can try my car and see how it compares to Russ’ JDM/Blink car.