Honda exhaust/header dimensions

Hi guys, in the process of finalising my conversion, but as all my bits are half way around the world, am having a bit of trouble getting some info.

How much room is there in the engine bay for the exhaust?

can anyone with a Honda conversion and a tape measure give me a rough idea on the available depth, width and height of space in the engine bay from the rear of the engine block?photos of your conversions in place would certainly help, especially if they give an idea of these dimensions. you can send directly to me on [email protected]

thanks in advance



did any of the rotus erise guys help you on this??

I would think there is plenty room for the exhaust manifold because the Honda lump is fitted back-to-front isn’t it?? so the problem is getting big throttle bodies into the space betwixt engine and bulkhead not zorst ?? no ?

hi rox,

have received the help I asked for thanks.

now to actually finish the project