honda-engined cars

Thank you Mr moderator, it is with great pride I make the inaugural posting on this section…Now, on to business: in light of my previous post, does anyone have ANY idea how many honda-engined cars (Exiges and Elises) are running around out there?

Care to post a reply as a “hands up”. As I stated before, the more of these cars that are out there, the more chance I (we) have of it being recognised and being eligible for racing series…so come on, who’s out there?


totally off the top of my head, including all S1 varients (340, exige etc)

Blink have about 15 out there
Komotec have 10
There were 8 protohype raving cars in europe that are now converted mostly to scuffers version
Via the various scuffers dealers there are perhaps 5 - 10 finished (including demos) and orders for lots more

Oh and mine

If scuffers keeps his momentum going he is going to have loads of these by early next year.

Mine has gone today
Blink have another 3 in progress
So a growing bunch

Hi Guy’s

Don’t want to start a war and no sarcassam intended, but what made you go for these conversions, i am curious because i am currenntly looking at a number of options with my engine for future mods, 2L with goog head etc. Quite costly and perhaps that’s why it would be easier to this route for reliable power and bucket load of torque.

We have wild motorsport exige here in SA, where my current motor used to live before it junked and came to me. His is insane, Did genuine 329km/h at a motorsport sanctioned event recent. And the track times were amazing 1:08 vs my best 1:11

Unfortunatley at that point the porsche guys realised he just might win and refferred him to their rule stating that the car must be raced with the engine it was sold with, modifications are up to you but you gotta keep it “real”

Would love to know how it transforms the car, especially on the track. Might be the way to go

hi Jason,

for me it was just the frustration of having continual problems with engine/gearbox and wanting more reliability to go with power increases. I had my K Series at 240bhp, and although it served me well for 16000 hard kms, it eventually went bang. the thought of spending the money i did on it again to reuild it is a demoralising prospect. on top of that, was never really happy with gearing in either CR or UCR boxes…(too long or too short) the integra type r engine and gearbox will hopefully be lest stressed at that level output, give me more torque and an extra gear to play with.

ok, quid pro quo time …what engine are you running that gets you 329km/hr in a Sport Elise???

The torque is definitely appealing, have found k series tuning to be a bit of a black art. Will wait for engine rebuild time before i change anything. The gearbox is also an issue for me as it is a 4 speed on most tracks and to short on long tracks.

It is not my car, it is the car my engine and box came out of. It is a type r honda motor plus turbo. The guy who races it is a renowned engine guru on honda engines in SA, the power is phenominal he drag races it and i will check up his latest times but they are seriously fast 10 and below but will make sure of that. will look for a link to the car and post it for you.

One thing i must concede is that when i heard the type r motor for the first time driving in their civic they were using to run it in, it is the best sounding engine in the world bar none.

One thing i must concede is that when i heard the type r motor for the first time driving in their civic they were using to run it in, it is the best sounding engine in the world bar none.

ARE YOU SURE?! Only four pots?!!

I don’t think you’ve heard the new Merc SLK AMG F1 Pace car - WOW!


Like a WW 2 fighter, heard the slr in test guise over here a few years ago and it sounded awesome. I quite enjoy the sound of a highly strung 4 pot though, send tingles up your spine because you think to yourself this engine has got to run out of revs sometime soon and it just doesn’t.