Holee new banners batman

Mr Admin

wtf happened… looks a bit crowded up there now

Actually i’m a huge advocate of having both cars but could you fix the font that sorta shouts EXIGES.COM ??

i’m sure that wasn’t there when i logged in a few minutes aggo…

At least it’s put the ‘which one looks better’ debate to bed once and for all…

It sure does!


indeed pity about the colour

Unless some kind soul comes up with another design, you’re stuck with it !

We just need to find the right font…

Oh [censored] - which do we use S1 font or S2

Leave it as it is


can you sort the font…

also the res looks dodgy… and is more pixelly than the pic IDG pointed us at…

moan, moan… i know, but its 'cause i care…

Am I missing something???

Looks liek the same old same old to me?

But yes, I have the EXIGES.com font as an EPS… I’ll try and do something for the top with my stiles later on too

Oh I see… Hmmm…

Leave it with me, I will deal with them myself.


also the res looks dodgy…

To me too.

A step in the right direction though I feel, moving with the times.


shouldn’t the s2 be in white that way we would see more of the s1

ps isn’t it about time we changed the name to exiges.(s2 coupe).com

Or have the S1 in ORANGE!!!