Hmm, I think it's the engine mount?!

Pop quiz: Fine when coasting, any real engine load and the whole back end shudders (kinda like you’ve thrown a wheel weight (I haven’t) but much worse).The engine seems to move about a bit too much as well (but I was trying to look forward, rather than crash(!), so that could be normal). I’m guessing engine mount.It seemed okay to limp home @ 30mph, as it wasn’t displaying any other symptoms, but do you think Id’ve done any other damage.Any thoughts! I guess it’s back to B&C for the second time in it’s (less than) 3000 mile life! Shame, I’ve been away for a week and was looking forward to a blast.Ian [image][/image]

Could be - 3000 miles if pretty quick though. Mine had a little ticking noise - shaft rubbing on something that it shouldn’t. You notice lots more vibration and you’ll be able to rock the engine around more too.Make sure that you just get the original part welded up - i.e., don’t insist on a new one as it will just break too.

Mine made some funny noises recently - I thought it was a very nasty engine vibration.Turned out to be two wheel nuts had come loose on the rear off side wheel.You might want to check they’re all tight before taking it back to Lotus.

If the car shudders while standing still it’s not wheel-weights, and would seem morelike an engine mount.

Apparently it’s looking like one of the bearings on a drive shaft!!!Anybody had that before?!Ian [image][/image]

Well this isn’t funny!Lotus aren’t stumping up on the warranty until they’ve inspected the car, ECU and driveshaft (wait for it!) on the 11th June!Now I understand procedures on investigating strange failures but this is hardly the way to keep customers happy!Ian [image][/image]

…and talking of not keeping customers happy, I am STILL waiting for them to refund the 400 quid they took off me while they investigated if the fault was covered by the warranty! [After 3000 miles, I ask you!]Given that Lotus apologised for a mix up that lead to my inconvenience (another trip to the garage AND missing part of France getting knocked out the World Cup!) and being temporarily (I hope!) out of pocket, you would have thought they’d have returned the money pronto, not taken more than 3 weeks!I think B&C are very capable but just completely over run. It’s hard to even get them to return a phone call!Anybody got any comments on Lakeside Engineering? I’d rather not vote with my feet but…Ian [image][/image]

IDGI’ve experienced crap service from Bell & Conman - happy to say I will never grace them with my prescence again.I now use Lakeside Engineering and they are brilliant.Max & Tim run it, hands on, and have a chap called Art who is a track day nut.They’re v cheap, reliable, and actually call you back when you ring for them.I’d recommend them completely.A question for you - I’ve got my car insured with Esteem but I’ve got a limited mileage policy - did you say your policy is unlimited mileage?Cheers Mike

quote:Originally posted by miketurn:A question for you - I’ve got my car insured with Esteem but I’ve got a limited mileage policy - did you say your policy is unlimited mileage?It is unlimited. I think it is because they step it up and at a certain point it becomes unlimited. As I use mine every day, I think I asked for 10,000 (which is nearly how far it is from me to Anglesey and back!) and they came back with unlimited.Apparently the Exige is now a Classic (possibly because you can’t buy it any more), I don’t know it that has chnaged the policy on mileage. And my final guess would possibly that they have changed underwriter, is yours with AON? I’d certainly ask when you renew.Thanks for the Lakeside steer. Are they an official Lotus service centre?Ian [image][/image]

IDG (Sorry!)I’m not sure if they’re official Lotus, but I have a Lotus extended warranty on the car and they have Lakeside on their list of specialists.Mike