High speed internet (No Exige content - sorry!)

There seems to be a couple of IT types hanging around here, so can anyone help please - I am about to move to a “No broadband, sorry, never gonna happen” area, the best I have been offered is BT’s dual line jobbie - I believe it uses both phone lines to create a 2x 56k ISDN type connection. This is no good to me as I need two lines plus internet. ANyone know of an alternative? (preferably 512 or above). Cheers

Before we got Broadband here BT wrote and offered me a satellite set-up. Crap ‘up’ speed but high-speed back ‘down’. Any use?

Cheers Ian,

Spoke to BT, they do not have a clue about that one!

Back to the drawing board.

Hi Russ,
My IT guy at work has also said a satellite system would be the only way to get 512 without being on broad band try looking on www.btopenworld.com/satellite hope its of some use,


That’s the puppy!

OK, cheers guys. It was the domestic side I was talking to, this is business - hence the ignorance.