High pressure fuel pump

Hi there,

I need a replacement fuel pump that will deliver 60psi. I’d prefer to find a high pressure replacement for the standard in-tank pump if possible, the alternative is to rig up a supplementary high pressure fuel pump and collector.

Any suggestions?

Have a look here - seems to do the trick


It does - thanks

I got a 255Lph one too but as a complete brand new in tank pump through PNM engineering in Wallasey. 60psi is no problem to it. It’s the same pump as in the link above just ready installed in a new housing etc. It was around �250

PNM clicky

The problem with using these pumps is that they don’t fill the surge cannister but just take the flow from the bottom of the main tank. If you pull high G’s round left handers with less than 15 or so litres in the tank you will starve the pickup and the engine will run lean.


I’m with Bernard here. An small external swirl / collector pot and something like a Bosch 044 pressure pump is the way forward for fueling a modded Elise.