I really don’t want to sell, having only ownerd for about 4 months but I need a new engine for my boat! 2000 “X” Exige 190VHPD, 49,000 miles, three owners, Sports exhaust, Nitron Suspension, Air-con, CD player, Eliseparts alloy belled discs, good Yokos, Momo snap off wheel, standard blue leather seats, standard belts, just painted all the stone chips, new headlamp covers, tracker, alarm, full Lotus History. The last owner did 27,000 miles in one year, lots of bills, really very tidy. New Motorsport Mats. This car is immaculate and has to be great value at �17,500 ONO. Can Email pictures on request. Been tracked once to my knowledge and goes well,- ask IDG !

Been tracked once to my knowledge and goes well,- ask IDG !

And even then not like a mad man.

This is an absolute bargain! Somebody bite the man’s hand off! Even more if the front is now re-sprayed.

That said, another great owner, a shame to see you go.


good healthy mileage pennpromo… glad to see it…

mine just had 30k service on Friday so glad to see someone with nearly 50k

Guys, you know how it goes, you buy a car, get carried away with it, spend a few quid to make it look nice and then circumstances mean that it would be useful to sell. I don’t really want to, so if it doesn’t go I will be out on the track in 2005, have to meet up with some of you guys. In the past two years or so I have had: Porsche 911 Turbo 2 3.6L, Ferrari 348, chipped Mitsubishi Evo 6, Lancia Integrale Evo 2, TVR Cerbera and Elise 160S. The Exige is more fun than any of them, not as quick but each trip is a thrill, even driving to post a cheque to the taxman raises a smile ! Bit icey this morning so had to bring the Exige out to play, my Audi S4 is far too safe …

Hang on a minute! I’ve just thought, buy this car, sell engine and box, fit a Honda and bask in the glory of having created one of the quickest, most reliable, adjustable suspension track cars available, potentially with a years engine warranty (depending on who does it) and great on the road too! All for considerably less than a new S2 (ie. about �25k)!


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Let me know if you still have it.

Well, it went at the weekend, miss it already ! BUT Westover in Bournemouth have a Saffron Yellow MK 2 ! Merits serious thought ! Can’t really justify it …

Oh well

Be sure to let the new owner know were we are.

Good luck with the boat’s engine re-build and come back soon!