hey guys!, ive been trying to get on here for a while but have been having password probs!! Bought my S1 exige 3 weeks ago in chrome orange. She has the 190 upgrade, pagid rs14’s, braided hoses, decat supersport exhaust and big chunky harnesses! i love her to bits. Had an s2 type 23 with a throttle bodies converted engine but its not a patch on this beauty! just thought id say hello

hi koopa i know i had same probs tryin to get onto forum, dont help being useless with pc.hope you enjoy exige ownership.ps is ya name tommy then (koopa)

ha ha, no mate its martin. Whered you get tommy from?

hi martin.well its just your log in name being koopa as in tommy cooper ha have you taken it on a track yet.

ha ha, i get ya. Well where i live its fortunately all b-roads and deserted mod roads in the highlands but i just know if i went on a track i would break it!

sounds like your enjoying it,but you have less chance of hitting anything on a track because of run off areas plus ther is no traffic comming the other way!you just go at your own pace and instruction also helps.sure other guys will tell you the exige is at its best on a track.

sure other guys will tell you the exige is at its best on a track.

an Exige can only really be put through its full paces on a track that’s for sure…that’s not to say that you cannot enjoy it on b roads.

i would recommend that you do as much of both as you have the time and money to do

welcome to the clan - make sure you hit the race track soon.

welcome to exiges.com

keep in touch and let us know if you fancy a wee jaunt out over the coming months or pop up to Knockhill (even just to say hello )