Hi guys! Which powerplant!

Hi guys just joined the forum yesterday and thought i would say hello.

Also wanted some advice because i’m looking to purchase an S1 Exige and do an engine swap but i’m not sure whether to go for the Honda K20A or the Audi 1.8T engine

I prefer the character of the vtec engines to be honest and have owned many vtec engined cars in the past but my friend who is an experienced engine builder says that i would be better with the VAG unit as i could make more power and it would be easier to make close to 300hp cost effectively

I was thinking of mating the K2O head to the K24 bottom end and producing a torquier 260hp+ engine, has anyone tried this conversion and what is the reliability like?

all opinions and advice would be greatly appreciated


Hello mate and welcome.

There’s only one real way to find out which is best for you and that is to drive both.

Then when you’ve driven both and decided you need a SC Honda in your life buy Quo’s very sorted car (it came up for sale today on here).

Good luck.

As Benja says - drive each type (or at least have a pax ride), then make your own mind up.

Also will depend upon your intended road/track use, & budget will also come into it as they are various upgrades available for each base conversion. Both engines can easily (& reliably) produce around 300bhp.

I know of 1 car in the UK with the 2.4 engine - more low down torque than a n/a Honda, but won’t rev as high.

Stick with the K fella - its well known that there’s a 380bhp variant on the way - at reasonable cost