Hi from Warrington!

Just bought an Exige Orange Exige 350 , third Loti, excited , delivery Wednesday!

Nice! Welcome to exiges :clap:

We’ll need some pictures though please…

I’ve tried but the site says my pic are too big ! Solution ?

This is the car !


Post IMG files from Photobucket would be a solution :slight_smile:

Nice colour choice

Had mine 2 weeks now and loving it

Great another 350 to join the ranks and welcome :thumbup:

Welcome to the northern quarter!

Welcome. :slight_smile:

Look out for out northern gatherings. Hope Keswick and the Lakes are not too far for you, but we don’t start too early.

Yeah, welcome on board Adrian. You must hook up with the “Northern Crew” at their meets - they need someone with your background to keep them in order!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Cheers guys , will certainly take you up on your invitation , 3 sleeps to go !

One more sleep to go , 09:30 at CNs for the paperwork and 10:00 for the tracker man to swap over the tech , excited AND the weather looks good for the weekend AND my wife is away all day Saturday so can play all day !

I love the excitement leading up to collecting a new car, have fun :clap:

:smiley: switchable sports exhaust??? tell me about it.

Years and Years ago I saw a diverter valve which fitted in the system before the silencer , operated by cable from passenger compartment.
It was American and only available in “Big Bore” and was not suitable for my Morris Minor…settled for straight through length of copper pipe…lovely :smiling_imp:

The switchable exhaust is good but i got a 2bular switchable fitted, quiet and calm when closed and mental when open, cant wait to finish the running in before i can properly open it up :mrgreen: