HI....... and fancy a sprint ?

Hi Folks,

I’m a new guy I guess but I’ve been around on SELOC etc for quite a while where I post as Black Potato. For my sins I’m currently a director and responsible for the Sprint series amoungst other things which brings me to my reason for posting. Poor show to be touting on my 1st post but times running a little late for the 1st event and we are short a few cars so I hope I dont offend anybody by doing so…

I was wondering if anybody here fancies trying sprinting there car in a friendly club atmosphere.

If so I’m currently running a series of sprints at North Weald this year (Near Stansted air port). The overall event is being run by Borough 19 which are a well known motor sport club that runs a formal series each year, however this year SELOC the Lotus Enthusiast club is running 3 groups on the day for cars with the Elise/vx220 chassis and as such the groups are far more suited to our cars and your unlikely to get mashed by motorbike engined Caterham’s as often happens in open series.

All this said the day isn�t restricted to these cars and there are several other groups that cover every thing from single seaters to Turbo nutter cars.

On the day you need 3 things, a crash helmet, a fire proof suit and finally a license. The license can be obtained on the day.

There is a bit more info below and loads more at the following link, however if you are interested don�t hang around as the 1st event is on the 9th April. All the days are run on a non profit making basis by the club.

Its free to sign up on the forum and only takes a few seconds…

2006 Diary

Borough 19 Championship Calendar

Round Event Date Organising Club
1 North Weald 19th March Borough 19
2 North Weald 9th April SELOC/Borough 19
3 Bentwaters Parks 28th May Borough 19
4 North Weald 11th June SELOC/Borough 19
5 Lydden Circuit 17th June Borough 19
6 Bentwaters Parks 23rd July Borough 19
7 Hethel Test Track 6th August Borough 19/Lotus
8 Cadwell Park 16th September Borough 19/Sevenoaks
9 North Weald 8th October SELOC/Borough19


A. Road Going Cars using Standard or VVC variants of the K Series engine based on the Lotus 111 Chassis
Elise, and derivatives of these cars, such as the Standard Vauxhall 220, Series 1 111�s, Sport 160 and Sport 135r. Road going tyres as per List 1A of the MSA Year Book for 2006.

B. Road Going High Performance Cars using tuned variants of the K Series engine, the VHPD variant and the Toyota 111R/Exige variants based on the Lotus 111 Chassis. Elise, Exige, 111r, 340r and derivatives of these cars. Road going tyres as per List 1A and 1B of the MSA Year Book for 2006.

C. Modified High Performance Cars developed for competition and cars with non-standard running gear or Forced induction based on the Lotus 111 Chassis. Including Audi, Honda, Duratec etc transplants. VX220 Turbo, Exige S, and 240r these cars need not be road-going. No restrictions on Engine, Transmission, Brakes, Suspension, Springs, Shock Absorbers Road going tyres as per List 1A and 1B of the MSA Year Book for 2006.

Any questions please ask here or over in SELOC land and I’ll try to help.

It would be good to see some of the coolest looking Lotus on the start grid



Welcome, Richard

Although I won’t personally be taking part in your events, I wish you a successful, & enjoyable season. Good luck with the recruiting

I’d be well up for this if all the rounds weren’t based down south, just a little to far to go from Newcastle every time. Shame cos I’d fancy me chances…

Does any one know of any northern sprint series going on at all??

I think the Wigton Motor Club organise one with rounds at Croft and Teeside as well as the Borders. I keep downloading the forms and then never do aything about it. The web address is: http://www.wigtonmc.co.uk/speed/speed.htm



Will look into that one, thanks bryn.

Not so sure about Teeside and 3 sisters though, I race both of them in a go-kart, no run off what so ever. You would not want to make a mistake in a car thats for sure.

I’ve never been to Three Sisters, but I took my Elise to Teesside on the first day that they had cars there - it was a group of NE Elises and Sevens. As a track day venue it seemed too narrow for groups of cars, and like you say, there is little run-off. For a sprint it would just be the run-off to worry about!

The Wigton guys go to Knockhill and Elvington too.


Three Sisters is fine for sprinting,better than most I would say,its tight and you have to be on the ball as corners come up fast.its a very good sprint venue ,

Three Sisters is…a very good sprint venue

& Go Kart track, but it’s awful as a “Trackday” venue, best avoided for the latter IMHO.