Hi all - new Scottish exige owner

Greetings all - im now an official member of your little club. Bought myself an exige yesterday. Its a 2000 X model in silver with a black alcantara interior, and very loud!!

I hope to meet up with some of you on trackdays and the like in the future. Are their any of you based locally to me - im in Aberdeen.



Hi Scott,

Welcome. I’m in Aberdeen too! Silver Exige in Mannofield.

Quick!, subscribe yourself to Scottish Elises .
You’ll need a Yahoo profile and you’ll know what is happening all over Scotland in the Elise/Exige world.

Also, check your oil level (really!) and call Knockhill on 01383-723337 to book yourself for this Saturday 13th in either the Novice trackday school (9:30am to 1:00pm) or the proper trackday (1:00pm to 5:00pm)

Hope you can make it. We’ll drive down together if you do the afternoon trackday.

Hi Scott,

Many congrats! I’m down sarf so not going tomake it to bonnie scotland too often but would certainly like to do Knock Hill at some point this year.

Good luck with it all! And as Udlis says, check that oil often

Also with a 2000 X Silver… Grey interior tho’

Thanx guys. I will be instrumental in checking the oil level!

Uldis not sure if ill make it this Sat but it would be good to meet up with you sometime to get your views on my car and how it is running. It has had an engine rebuild approx 3000 miles ago.

Do you know if there are many exiges in the Aberdeen area? Do you use yours for commuting everyday?

Also my car has a cat replacement pipe and a lotus motorsport exhaust - it is really noisy!! Is this generally regarded as one if the noiser combinations?


Noisy combination - yes!
I have a quiet one, the Powerspeed exhaust with a sports cat.

There are not too many Exiges around here, mine, a chap named Kerry (who will soon post here) and another called Mike that never wanted to subscribe to this or other sites. Both of them on the Inverurie area.

Call me and let’s meet. Mobile: 07739-723969

Hi Scott, good to hear there’s another exige in the area. If you want to get your engine checked out, Bob at power systems over at Dyce has a rolling road, both mine and Uldis’ have been on it so you’d get a good comparison. Any problems with it Bob is likely to know what needs attention.

I’ve got the powerspeed exhaust setup, sounds good and not too noisy. If your going to change start spraying the WD40 on now!

Kerry (Blue Exige)

Uldis i’ll give you a call tonight or tomorrow sometime if you dont mind.

What temperature does the coolant generally run at in your cars. Whilst driving back from down south yesterday mine hovered around the 84oC mark.

In traffic today i dont think i seen higher than 88oC. I have the 190bhp conversion fitted

As part of the 190 conversion an 82deg thermostat should be fitted in lieu of (I think) 87deg. Mine tends to hover around 79/80 when not in traffic.

It varies from sensor to sensor really, but yes, the 190 conversion should have had an 82DegC thermostat.
Mine hovers around 82, but it could be 78 or 84, depending on the pace and speed.

Also, the car’s cooling system is very aerodynamically efficcient, the air going in the radiator really cools things down, so maybe you could have something plugging your radiator? or… not have the 82 DegC thermostat?

Don’t know, but it’s not a big deal.
Check with a lamp inside the grill to lok for leaves or something. If that’s ok, it should all be ok.

Talk to you later.

Welcome to exiges.com scottish contingent scooter

Look forward to meeting you at KH on a S_E run or at a exiges.com day…

If your going to change start spraying the WD40 on now!

Are you suggesting it was difficult to get off? Did you do it yourself?

I’m just about to get one of these and was planning a DIY job, as it seemed one of the simpler things to do on an Exige.


Its one of those jobs that can take a bit of time, because everything has to be loose and generally all the bolts are locked solid. I ended up resorting to the hacksaw. If your having difficulty and don’t plan on keeping the original this is a much quicker solution. On the upside now I’ve replaced the bolts with something sensible and fitted a more compact system I can remove it all in minutes not hours.