Hi, was wondering what are the causes of HGF and what are the best precausions to take to avoid it happening to an exige? I am new to ownership and it seems to be a common problem.

Causes can be random but noramlly seem to stem from heat cycles which distort and break the head gasket…

…To avoid basically make sure the engine is fully warm before revving it, if you’ve been stuck in traffic don’t just nail it staright away and basically take care of it

Also you can fit a Remote Thermostat which helps to stabilise the temps in the head.

But I’m sure someone wilkl be able to offer a better explination

Its a common “K” series problem - not just peculiar to teh Exige or Elise for that matter.

RL - is spot on, you need to treat it carefull but even then its not guarantee.

Rover do a new pressure sensitive remote stat that can help - dont know if anyone here has fitted it yet though ?

I suggest you read this comprehensive article by Simon Erland HERE

…and so it starts again…

Thanks for all your replies. Im pretty careful not rev the engine to hard until it hits about 80C. My only worry is i get stuck in traffic now and again (joys of living in london) and my engine temp hits about 98C and then the fan cuts in sending the temp down to 84C. This can sometimes happen 3-4 times in one journey. is that really bad for the engine or just a common occurance for everyone?

how does the remote stat work? does it keep the temp constant or does it just mean u can set the fan to cut in at a lower temp?