Can you change the head gasket without taking the rear clam off

Never done it, but would think it would be no problem.
Did my cam timing though without removing the clam…

Yes John you can, take the rear cover off and also make sure you dont apply to much weight to the upright parts of the rear clam that the cover sits in, it will crack

I agree John…

Took off my cylinder head and refitted it without removing the clam…

Another simple tip - remove the rear wing - it makes everything much easier !!

cheers Guys but I may still chicken out and let hte dealer do it

Don’t forget that if some trick spanner work is required, a certain Mr Francis is reputed to have a delicate touch & a good “bedside manner”. Don’t know whether he’s gone totally private yet, or whether he still does warranty work

Just hope I never get toothache when at Anglesey, cos he might get his own back.

Hope your car is fixed soon - twas going very well (& loud!) yesterday.