Hey All!

Hi there,

I don’t have a Lotus yet, but have always loved them… spent many house playing Lotus Turbo Challenge on my Mega Drive when growing up. Hopefully I will be getting a S1 Exige in the next couple of months when my car sells.

I currently have a mk1.5 2.0 ESP Focus (up for sale)

And I co-own a mk2 Mondeo ST24 track car

I am the NE regional co-ordinator for FFOC, so hopefully they won’t hate me too much for getting a Lotus!

Cheers guys,

Welcome Sir! Hope you get Exiged-up soon. Only problem is it should have been an Amiga and not a Mega Drive.

Welcome chap…Also a NE’er here.

Good luck with the S1 hunt, they seem to be becoming more and more difficult to get your hands on a good one.

If you wanted a poke round an S2 anytime im happy to help…



Also from the NE. When I had my RS Focus i used to go on FFOC a lot, good website and found it very helpfull.

Good luck with your hunt for your s1, I wish I had never sold mine.



Hello from another fellow NEastener …Getting quiet a little group here … get your self to cars in the park in april, should be some good examples there. 20th april…Bolton abby.

Thanks for the warm welcome guys!

Thanks for the offer, Shadowman. I’d love to take it up, I’ll cover your petrol costs of course

Nath, do you ever speak to the FFOC lot any more? Dog (Rich) is quite a good friend of mine and has been on there a long time now

big_peaches, I’d love to go but I am coming to the end of my degree, lots of stuff due in at the end of April so I won’t be able to make any shows until June time

I’m going on a driving holiday with some of the FFOC guys to Switzerland in July, I’ll hopefully like have an Exige by then