Hey Aaron, good to see you at Brands!

Just a quickie to say Hi! Did you go for any PX laps in the end?

Was a good day, nice and dry surprisingly! And drop the tyre pressures a bit and managed to get some heat in them, enough that they were starting to go off by the end of the session Some big sideways moments going into Certies

Hello Mark

No never managed to get a Px Lap I had to leave soon after talking to you.

Nice to see a few other Exiges there funny how you all seem to stick together. Elises at one end of the paddock and Exiges at the other.

The day was run very professionally if you going to Bedford I will see you there. However this time I will be joining you on track, Do you relies how frustrating it is attending a track day in an Exige not to take part and just watch. (Never again)

On the 22nd? I should be there… Duuno why I said that, I’ll be there LOL!

Think I’ll need some new 14’s for then tho’, getting a wee bit low… And defo think I need a clutch

It is soooo frustrating not being on track! Even when I go and watch racing (anything, cars, bikes, caravans!) I just wanna get out there!

I even done a lap of Donnington on my rollerblades at the BSB (Sat night, after all the traffic had gone )

Sideways moments seemed to be the order of the day.


Although I kept this one going forward, eventually, any comment on your big trainers incident Mark??

LOL! Big trainers indeed (excuse number 46 I think )!!!

Well going into Clearways, ready to hit the brake, my big trainers (my thin shoes are totally fubar’d now!) managed to mash the brake and throttle together… Oops! So I carried going on forwards instead of stopping! Then happily saw Stuart wave as he went past, then Mark A… Then everyone else

And I had Gill of Sinclaires daughter in the car! Double oops! She’s only been a PX with her dad at Bedford before so was her first time out! Still it made her realise that you can minimise the “damage” from a spin as only my back wheels made it onto the grass

But then I may as well say about my total school boy error as well… Wheel nuts on the PX side rear werre well loose! Had a puncture type noise but it was the wheel wobbling

Bothin a result of my works xmas party the night before and not getting until 3am (Excuse number 51 IIRC )

So it was a good day to see xmas in


big trainers… indeed …


big trainers… indeed …

As I say, excuse number 46


gLOL! Yeah they felt a little like that

Pesky, you are a comedy genius!

its the way ee tells em…

Oi!, those are my shoes!

how did you get a picture of 'em!?