Hethnel Sprint Sunday 5th August 2001

Lotus Life have announced another open day with track events, and an inside look at the Motorsport division.

Anyone planning on going ?My money-pit (cough, erm Exige I mean) should be back before then.

It’s an MSA sprint. You need to be in an MSA registered club, have an MSA sprint licence and FIA approved fire retardent clothing. You’ll also need some minor mods to the car. Your call will also be in the same class as some extremely exotic machinery so you’ll probably get your a$$ kicked big style :-)Oh, and it’ll probably also be fully subscribed by now. But you can always go along and watch!

No takers for this? - Jimbo I was only thinking about going along for a look see, sounds like it will be an interesting day…if I post asking if anyone’s going to the next F1 event, please don’t post the FIA construction regs!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

deadly silence…I thought there would be a couple at least…I guess you won’t have car back by then david?

Steve, I may be going but won’t make up my mind for sure until late-ish on Saturday, not sure if you need to pre-warn them that you’re turning up?

well most of you missed an excellent day…lots of interesting cars running including 2 exiges and SteveB’s 190 elise.The new factory was open for tours as well as the Motorsport facilty with a friendly mechanic…and it only took 4 hours each way to get there on some excellent b roads!!!Oh yes and the sun shined all day…

bugger…just toooo far away for me…

I had an extremely bad dose of flu all weekend :-(I presume from the lack of piccies that they weren’t letting cameras past the gate as usual. Did you see any of the results?I’ve been trying to enter this event for the past three years. I’ll make it one day (I hope).

For once there did’nt seem to be any rstrictions on photos both outside around the track and also on the tour of the production lines…