Anyone any opinion on Hethel - is it worth the trip ?

Andrew - Bored for 5 hours stuck at BHX because KLM are just … Dutch I guess


Long time no see!

I have been to Hethel a few times (one Lotus Day and One Dealer Invite Day) and would say that it is a great circuit with a good mixture of tight corners and long straights. It reminds me in some ways of Anglesey on a slightly larger scale.


  1. Noise - They don’t like it. I have driven an Elise there and been driven in an Exige, but both cars had standard exhausts and cats on.

  2. Distance - Not only is it a long way, all of it (except for the M6 down to junction 1 in yours and my case) is A roads (A14) some of which can become very congested. It turns out to be a more tiring day to drive there, do a track day and drive back than doing the same for Anglesey. I rest my case!

See you at a track day soon



Many thanks for the insight - I’m gonna stick with a couple of Donnington evening sessions then !

It really was the ball ache to get there that was putting me off … and you confimed my fears

Oh - and I will probably be too noisy as well …

See you around soon I hope