Here my Exige S2

Hi guys!
First of all a little presentation.
My name is Roberto, i write from Lugano a city in south Switzerland.
3 months ago i received my new Exige S2. In the past i had an Elise 111S, an Exige S1 (#272), an Elise 111S S2 … and now Exige S2.
Here a small gallery with some photos of mine Exige S2.


Hi Roby, welcome!

I think the S2 looks pretty good in white.

And it’s nice to see a proud S1 owner who quotes his chassis number.


i think it looks pretty good in white as well… nice one Roby

Hey - I have never seen a white one. Wow - it looks great.

How do you like it? How does it compare to the old Exige and Elise?