As a new owner I would appreciate help with a rattle my car has developed. It appears to come from engine and sounds like a chain but only on left hand corners. ?? (The car had the timing belt changed recently at 24k service). I am also needing to supply proof of what alarm/immob is fitted for the insurance company. Would i need to contact Lotus for this (car is 2001 with button in key)Any help would be greatly appreciatedSteve

Can’t help with the rattle - doesn’t sound good though.My insurance co. asked for the same thing. Thatcham 1 alarms are supplied with a cert. to whoever has the alarm fitted. Mine sounds like the same one (Meta) - has a blipper in the middle of the key. From memory, I phoned the/a dealer and they said that if the insurance were insistant, then a copy could be obtained. Just me telling the insurance company that it was a meta Thatcham 1 (Factory fitted) was sufficient in my case.Regards,Phil GT

It’s hard to help with the rattle without more information. There are a few common problems which you might want to check.The rear undertray and diffuser often rattle. Get under the car an tap all around the underside and see if any of that rattles.The floor of the boot (under the rubbery mat thing) used to rattle horribly on mine. Just a couple of loose bolts. I’m sure somebody else might have some more suggestions.

If you phone Lotus Technical Service (01953 608000) and give them the chassis number of your car, they will send you a copy of the original certificate for you to fax to your insurance co. Mine needed this as well.

SteveMine needed this as well, but they lost my certificate and refused to provide me with theft cover until I sent them it again - of course I didnae have it so is peed me off nae end!!.I eventually got a letter from my friendly dealer which sorted the problem. However, If I change insurers I will probably have the same problem. I guess phoning lotus as Rob suggests would be the best way??good lick I mean luck

I have emailed lotus about the insurance and see what they come up with. I checked the undertray (thanks Brendan)and when tapped it does rattle so will see about how to stop that tonight.Keep you postedThanks again guysSteve

check engine mounts…

Steve,If the undertray rattles that could be the source. But also…It took me ages to realise that even though I thought I had made sure that it was well fixed and didn’t rattle, it continued to do so until I realised that the exhaust expands somewhat when hot - leave plenty of space here!Mike

I’ve just remembered that one of the bolts that secures the rear edge of my diffuser was long enough to touch the bottom of the silencer. It was an easy job to saw the end off the bolt. Maybe you have the same problem?