Yep you guessed it … the car wont start

Its trying to start but its either missing a spark or missing some fuel. Ive reset the TPS and ive checked the leads / plugs and everything seems normal … but no life from the engine. Given up now due to lack of light … any ideas of what to try in the morning ?


Something which I don’t think has been mentioned in the last few days - wiggle/check the fuses/relays in the compartment behind the seats!

agree with Pesky… but also try removing the TPS and temperature guage connectors - skoosh them with a wee bit WD40 - and then refitting them.

Another… thing to try is with alarm DISarmed, remove the 10amp fuse in the front compartment fusebox and refit it then arm/disarm the alarm and try starting.

Also make sure the battery is fully charged, the Exige can be difficult to start if the battery has only a partial charge.

Thanks Guys

I had it on charge overnight incase it was just a low battery but no joy when i tried to start it this morning.

Rob hit the nail on the head with the fuse compartment … the 3 amp fuse had gone … 1 trip to halfrauds later and bobs your mothers uncle … started first time

Where would we all be without !

Nice one. Glad you got it sorted.

Just out of interest - do you know what that fuse protects?

I dont know what that exact fuse does but i understand that all the fuses in that compartment deal with the multi-thingy immobiliser that doesn’t just cut the ignition it separately stops the fuel, along with other stuff.