Hi everyone I am having a few problems with my exige s s2. I am sure it is an electrical problem, hopefully someone can help.

So first thing is, windscreen wipers, for some reason my wipers only work when set to the fastest action? very rarely they do work on the other slower settings but like I say this is rare. another problem I am having is my rear lights. there are only a few of the l.e.d’s working and the centre break light does not work at all? my car for some reason didnt come with a traction control button but had the connector so I bought one and it worked fine untill recently. when I hold the button down it does not turn the traction control off. when I have my lights on the where the centre console knobs are like AC heating the light is very dull to wear you can barely see it, however by clocks are what I would say is normal. my passenger side door has decided not to open from the outside, central locking is working just the buton is not opening the door. my car when it is cold is extremely jumpy??? the tiniest quick realese on the throttle cause the car to badly jump, when I dip the clutch the revs climb?? my seat belt light is flashing even though it is fastened, and the other problem is that the engine randomly cuts oyt when I come to a stand still? not all the time just now and again. if anyone can advise/help it will be much appreciated.

Thanks guys :slight_smile:

Check all the grounds, you’ve got an array of issues all of which could be attributed to duff grounds.

Not sure there is much you can do about failed LEDs in the lights, but dead easy to replace an entire unit.

I’d be checking as many connections as you can get to - especially rear light fittings as its easy to knock them off when the boot is full. You can adjust the light level on your dash - read your manual for how 'cos I can’t remember, and this may adjust the level of lighting to your AC control panel (may…).

Your wiper arm switch connection probably needs cleaning up. Similarly the door button not popping up might just need some lube.

They are all problems I’ve heard of, and think its just a case on general tlc on each one I’m afraid - including your sticky throttle.

How old is car, does it live outside and get wet a lot?

If it is a early Exige S i.e. MY06 they are known to have problems with the rear lights and LEDs failing. The whole unit needs replacing to the later revised unit. The new units dont give any problems.

Not sure about the rest of your issues.

Don’t know if this is related to any of your problems but I had my side lights, rear lights and speedo lights fail, turned out to be the switch unit which controls an array of electrical things, the unit is a black box which sits behind the speedo/rev counter, not too bad to change takes about half an hour and is £93 from eliseparts, hope this helps someone.


Echo most of the above.
Rear lights failing sadly means new units :frowning:
Wiper stalk is probably the culprit for the wiper
The passenger door, you might have an interesting problem but an easy solution, has the key been used in the door barrel? Try inserting the key and turning 90degrees? The key has no relationship with central locking just whether the button works or not! Very odd but Lotus all over!
As for the lights for the heater controls, I can’t see mine, do they have lights?
Has the car had a service lately? Plugs? air filter? might help with the cold running?