Help wanted : what is this button?

Hi guys,

Just found a strange button on my exige 2005 cup. On the left side of the steering wheel…
Anyone knows what it’s for ?

Thank you !

I guess it toggles up and down?

Looks aftermarket, have you unscrewed the switch to see if its wired? If it is, you may have to follow the cables if you cant find what it’s switching on/off?

Might be an aftermarket kill switch if the cup car is sans immobilizer/alarm?

Yes, for now we are preparing the car so I realy can’t check

That could be it, I think it’s original so it could be from the alarm. Anyway I will test it when he’s ready.
Thank you :pray:

It can be the ABS on/off :wink:

Really ? Cool ! Have to sort it out from the moment he’s up and running. Thank you for the ideas :wink:

Finally opened up the dash and took off the steering wheel only to find out, it was not connected. Seems to be an aftermarket switch. :grimacing:

Thank you for all the ideas though :innocent:

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