Help! Seem to have locked myself out of the car!

OK, so this is a first to me, but must have happened to someone else. If you lock a S2 Exige with the central locking and then the battery goes flat (or in my case the electric cutout is pressed) how do you get into the car?

The door key only locks and unlocks the button, doesn’t do the pin inside… I’m stumpped…

Send me private message if you don’t think it should be publicly posted…



All solved now… plug another battery into the car via the front access hatch… Doh!!!

The same thing happened to me recently after the car hadn’t been used since a track day at Silverstone in November. Of course it does tell you what to do in this situation in the handbook - which was locked in the car! I have now got it connected to an intelligent trickle charger (CTEK) which you can leave connected all the time.

I never did understand why the Exige & 111R use a different method to access the engine/boot. Using the ignition key to open the rear hatch of the 111R is a big improvement on the remote cable jobbie IMHO.