Help - Recruitment Companies - Know any?? (NLC)

No Lotus content. Chaps/Chapets do any of you know someone who works for a recruitment/placement/interim etc company as i am looking for a new role, i am Human Resources (HR) and Training & Development specialist .Not asking you guys for work, just a contact i can talk to find a new role. Please do send on my details if you can help. Cheers in advance, Mark. Email:- [email protected] Mobile:- 07887 845 838

Mark,very strange posting, as I was just about to do the same.I am in the Oilfield industry and after 1 year of being in Aberdeen, find out that I may be transferred soon. The thing is that I like it so much here (and don’t want to sell the Exige [image][/image] ) that am planning to change jobs.So, it’s been 7 years since I looked for a job recently, so, where is the best to look for? Ideally would like to change completely and be in the Motorsports world.Any ideas?Uldis

Uldis, i searched my industry agencies as i get the papers.magazines weekly and they have been fruitful. The internet has been the best so far though. Also my network of work colleagues and consultants i used to employ.I to want the motorsports industry but am finding it really hard to gain the contacts ones needs, although do try Trust it all helps and good luck, Mark.

Hey guysDon’t forget that is hosted by [image][/image]


Thanks Mark.Pesky, would you believe that I didn’t know what gisajob stood for? [image][/image]Like Mark said, doh !Thanks, let’s see if I can stay in the UK.Uldis