Help - Quick Shift Lever fitted but....

Hi All - just fitted a quickshift lever supplied very efficiently from Muffin - thanks for the fast work!

Not Eliseparts but it look a nice bit of work.

I fitted it last night but was less than impressed with the manky plassy ball socket on the fore aft selector rod. The damn thing wouldn’t click back on.

Either its knackered or the bottom ball on the stick is a gnats to small.

The whole assembly was as dry as a ‘Nuns …’ when i took it to bits so I’m wondering if it was worn anyway.

Any one got any ideas?

Being a total pikey and having the ‘it must always be running’ atitude I have got it working using several 100mm zip ties in a wonderous combination to keep it on.

The shifting is now great (including zip tie mod) - it was like stirring a bucket of Sh1t b4.

Just ordered the eliseparts rose joints for the other end to complete the job.

Do I need a new rod or can on get the ball socket on its own?

If not I trust fitting a new elector rod thing is a proper cows c@nt??

I tried hard for a few minuted to follow you, but nope, couldn’t make sense of it.

Going for my medicine…

I’ve just started my second bottle of medicine, however it’s 12% proof

Hard without piccies but

I think the plastic ball socket which fastens to the bottom ball on the gear stick is worn - it wont stay on when moving the stick! (Hence the zip tie combo)

Either its worn or the ball on the bottom of the stick is a bit out of tolerance???

Can one buy a new nylon/plastic socket or does one need to get the whole rod socket combo???

I have had more vino now so that must be clearer

Perhaps it was my Barnsley accent you couldn’t understand??

Pint of Timothy Taylor’s Landlord, half a bottle of red . . . for some reason your banter was a bit hard for me to follow. But then I live on t’other side of’t Pennines
You could translate at Oulton on Saturday, eh?

No problem - I used to work for FH Brown in Burnley so I’ll put on that twang if it will help - see you at Oulton

No problem - I used to work for FH Brown in Burnley so I’ll put on that twang if it will help - see you at Oulton

Are you meeting at the Nunsmere??? at 09.20hrs???

Aiming to get there nineish. Weather forecast appalling so will have to bring mops, buckets etc for inside car

From BBC website @ 11.25am

Outlook for Saturday
Rain for a time, brighter, drier weather following later.

Fingers crossed.

the long range forecast said a bit wet to start with then drier later

BBC forecast get more accurate the closer to London you are - Sherman Tankers!!!


Are you meeting at the Nunsmere??? at 09.20hrs???

Is that the Nuns you mentioned earlier on ?

this thread made me laugh… a lot… cheers guys