Help Please


I am new here and have a few questions which i hope you can answer.

Right where to start- I curentley own an RS focus but i have wanted an exige for a long time now. I went to see a chrome orange S1 a good few month back a jct 600 in leeds and feel in love with it, but i was put off buy wating for the s2 to come out. any way i do really love the RS but i want an exige. The only problem is(and it is a big one) I am only 18! and i am finding it very hard to get insurance. can you guys recomend any good places to try. i would probs be only doing max 5k miles a year!

Plus can you get the s2 in saffron yellow? a list of the colours avalible would be fantasic.

I have tried the usal insurance places e.g tesco-elephant(current insurure) but no luck

thanks for any help.

First off, welcome

You’re gonna have a bloody hard time getting insured!!! I’m 25 and it’s a nightmare, still a fair few co’s that won’t insure me full stop, car on a driveway, good postcode but stil no

Oh and how you can afford that at 18, I want your job

Anyway you’ll just have to ring around A LOT! Also if you add you mum or dad as a named driver it’ll drop it down a lot of the time, for example Elephant quoted me ~�1300 on my own, this dropped to ~�950 with my dad added (clean license unlike mum LOL)… Worht a go!

Anyway try these:

Tesco - 0845 300 4400
Esteem(Tony Oakley) - 01483 706056
Elephant - 0870 0401140
Direct Line - 0845 2468701
Priviledge - 0845 2460275
Liverpool Victoria - 01202 292333
Admiral - 0800 600800
Barclaycard (Bogie, do you use them? Have you a number?)
Footman James - 0121 561 4196
Adrian Flux (10%discount SELOC) - 0870 0777888
TBH Egger Lawson (10% discount seloc) - 0115 941 5255
AutoTorque - 0161 278 5226

Good luck! Oh and I’d imagine a S1 would be cheaper to insure just through being lower material value… And their better

Hi Nath,
I’m insured with Direct Line. I’m 33, so I don’t have quite as much trouble with insurance as you will

Don’t bother trying both Direct Line and Privilege. They’re the same company, and they’ll give you exactly the same quote. If you do try one of these, you’ll get a better price online.

Yep, the S2 comes in Saffron. It’s probably the best choice because it’s one of the standard colours. The other standard colours are white, and red.
There’s a range of mettallics which cost about �500, and then there’s the ‘extreme’ colours which are Krypton Green, Graphite Grey, and Chrome Orange. I think the orange is my favourite, but these colours cost about a grand so I’d stick with the yellow.

thanks for your help guys, there is a good few insurers i will be trying tonight when i get home. I am still comtemplting weather to get an s1 or s2! i am really not sure, i have been offered a amazing price on my RS on and s2,
but i still really like and s1 and condiering it is going to be around 7-9k cheeper. I really like chrome orange aswell, it is one of those colours u ether love or hate!
There is a couple os saffron yellow s1 on trader for sale but i want a really low millage one. the one in Blackburn has 13k on it. I might go and take a look as this is the closes’t one to me as i live in Newcastle.

If you’re looking at a yellow S1, it’s more likely to be ‘Lotus Mustard’ than ‘Saffron’. Saffron is a relatively new colour, not available during S1 production. They’re pretty similar colours, but Saffron is yellower, and Mustard is more ‘mustardy’

I think you’ll find everybody agrees that Mustard Yellow is far and away the best colour for an S1

I think you’ll find everybody agrees that Mustard Yellow is far and away the best colour for an S1

Totally agree…but only when looking at one through Laser Blue tinted specs with silver stripes

It must be Friday!

Surely the RS is just as much to insure as an Exige?

I bought my Elise160 when i was 22 with 5 years NCB and it cost me �1500 FC through Tesco. It was actually more expensive than an Exige to insure - I could get FC on an S1 Exige for �1250 - I assume because they don’t have the accident/theft history that an Elise does.

But to be honest mate, your gonna struggle big time. You’ll be paying the wrong side of �3000…I know this because my mates got a Rover Coupe Turbo and pays �2500 TPF&T And he’s 18…he literally called every insurance company…

I think its foolish because its dead money…but then I’ve spent about �7000 on insurance in 6 years! So I suppose I can’t judge.

I’ll try and find out who he’s insured with, might wanna try em…

Edit - its Elephant…

Second edit - he also added his mate bought a 111S at 19 years old…it cost him…�5000 with Footman James.
I’d be prepared to drop your pants and bend over when you find someone who’s willing to insure you!

My RS in only insurance group 16 which makes it a real bargin, so at the minute i pay 2k with one years no claims, but i am 19 on july the 4th so that sould help. I will try footman james and see what they quote me, i guess you right though, i better be propered for a shock

Getting back to the colour thing, Lotus Ribble (i think) say the have and S1 for sale in saffron yellow. But Paul matty have one which looks the same colour but they say it is pearl yellow. so wich one is right?



colour… the way to be sure is to ask what the paint code is of each of your cars… its on the vehicle info panel underthe front hatch.

But if its an S1 exige then it ain’t Saffron Yellow, which is very very similar to the S1 yellows but not available on S1.

There isn’t a Lotus colour called pearl yellow but if its the pearlescent/metallic yello and its the same as mine (code B36) then i think its properly called ‘spice yellow’ which is basically the same as Norfolk Mustard (which is a solid colour)…

anyway, why you worried about the actual name?? do you like it or do you not like it ??

well i like the look of it of it on a small photo on auto trader but i have never seen it in the flesh. I have seen chrome orange in the flesh and like that a lot, but there is not a chrome orange example for sale at the moment(that i know of) The insurance thing is not going to well!!! but i am not going to give up

Try Autotorque - they are a broker and Jonno there owns an Exige. I have sourced my insurance through them and it was easily the best quote although I am 30. Speak to Chris as he is very helpful - They are on 0161 278 5226 or - Good luck with the purcahse - you wont regret it

What do you do, Nath? Out of interest, cant be too bad to have a FRS by 18!

I am a surveyor mate, it is a decent job and they are putting me through Uni so i can’t complain

I am going to try that Insurance company tonight.Footman james said �5200. what bloody rip off!!! Insurnace is a a joke for a any youg lad.

Can’t you choose an insurance, that only ensures 3rd party damage?

In Portugal there is this option, and it is the most used one.

Insurance for a no claim 20 years young lad and a Murcielago is approx. 150 pound (a hundred and fifty pounds). The shite is that if you crash the car (i.e., you’re guilty of the accident), you pay for the damage.

Don’t you have something similar? If so, why isn’t it an option?

That is a good question, but i don’t think here in england they will insure a car like and exige for third party, as it is 2 much or a risk.

Does any one on here know any thing about this car please, it has just come up for sale and is on auto trader at a very resnable price, although i don’t know the millage!!!

LOTUS EXIGE, Y reg. Excellent
condition, long MOT and TAX 190 upgrade, full harness, air con, CD player, mustard yellow, sound beautiful, looks stunning, umemployment forces sale. �19,995 . no sensible offer refused.
Tel: 01299 405240
Distance: 185 miles
Price: �19,995

I tried ringing him but no respone

That is a good question, but i don’t think here in england they will insure a car like and exige for third party, as it is 2 much or a risk.

Why not ? The risk is entirely on the owner’s part. If you brake it, you pay it (although not the damage inflicted to 3rd parties). This kind of insurance is independent of the car, and it’s premium is based solely on the drivers history.

Don’t tell me an Exige has a bigger probability of crashinginto something?

Nath. Im 22 and am about to buy an exige. I went to loads of insurance co’s and the cheapest were Tesco by a long way (though they only insure over 23 now) the cheapest I have found is Elephant and that is �2000 with 4 years no claims.

Guys, have either of you tried adding one of your old’s as a named driver on the policy? Or G/F’s? Generally if you can add one of your parents as a named driver (so the insurance is still in your name and you still get the NCD) it can drop the quote by a huge chunk!

Also you can try going for very limited mileage and get them to top up the mileage as you go through the year