Help - Pictures Wanted of S1 Exige Roof Seal

Unfortunately Lotus are no longer stocking the S1 Exige roof seal, so I’m now having to resort to making my own for the Elige conversion!! :cry:

To ensure I get as close as I can to the original seal shape, I was hoping that someone would have (or maybe even take for me) some pictures of the seal when the roof is off?.

I know it’s not usual for the Exige roof to be off, so any guidance will be very gratefully accepted.

Regards to the purchasing the seal, I was going to try either of these suppliers:

Many many thanks in advance.

I actually have a brand new seal that i bought a few years ago, but never fitted. I don’t want to sell it, but I don’t mind lending it to you so you have a template.

Its actually quite a complicated looking thing with a couple of different profiles to the seal where it goes along the top of the screen and the door bits.


Hi Sean, many thanks for the info and yeah I did hear that there were differing profiles. I would be very grateful if I could borrow your seal and maybe we could arrange for it to be sent at the same time as the Rear Wing Subframe Mounts, which I need to purchase from you / John.

If that’s an issue, then I’ll be more than glad to arrange a courier to collect it from you, at your convenience.


Hi Gus,

No problem, when you buy the mounts I will throw the seal in the box. Just remind me or John when you order the wing pylons.


I had a nightmare of a job trying to get a genuine roof seal to fit my roof when I did the conversion, so I think it might be tricky to make something similar out of bits from woolies. The real roofseal uses christmas tree shaped spikey bits to attach. I would try and get some window seals down the sides and seal it any way you can flush at the front.

I got my genuine roof seal from chris after a wanted post on here.


Would it be worth looking at an S2 roof seal and trying to modify that rather than start from scratch?

Have a look at the bottom of the soft trim section:-

B&C clicky

Ultimately, I think as long as you can get the windows to seal to the roof the front is relatively easy to do.

cheers and good luck with this