Help on paint protection - and short birds


I am so sorry if these subjects have been covered by other posts in the past, but I need your collective help.

My S1 Exige was rear ended by a truck on returning from a Walshy activity day recently, and as a consequence, requires a new rear clam. Whilst most of the panels of the car will end up being re-sprayed / blended as part of the insurance repair, I’ve decided to get the rest of the car re-sprayed, to repair it’s front-clam stone damage, and get it looking pristine.

I want to get some paint protection on it (Venture sheild seems to be the Evo S2 owner guy’s favorate, and Amourfend has previously been fitted by my garage - Lakeside), but do you guys have any views on them / preferences. The only real issues that I can think of concern covering all of the areas that actually get stone damaged - including the rear wings above the standard black decal, and just behing the rear wheels, which appear to get a bit peppered. I would appreciate anything you guys have to say, or any experiences that you have had.

After this, I need to spend some more money. The Edwards front splitter and rear venturi are next on my list, followed by an emerald ECU upgrade - hopefully in time for my first track day at Bedford on 04/11/2006 with Lotus on Track.

And now for the short bird. Me bird is short, as you probably have gathered, and in order for her to drive the car comfortably, she needs the seat to go another four to six inches further forward. Don’t have a go, she enjoys driving my ‘Growler’ (as the CAR has been named), as is pretty quick. This would also help immensely on some longer tours we plan to take, where some of the driving can be shared.

All Lotus, or their dealers, can suggest is the purchase of a Lotus branded booster cushion - which is not really acceptable. Do any of you know if you can get a seat rail / adjuster with a longer reach? Unfortunately I am a lot taller than her, and have the seat set nearly as far back as it can go.

Cheers very much,


Get a taller bird!!!

Or better still ditch the bird, youll have more money to spend on the Exige then!

I believe that some vertically challenged people have had a removable cushion made up that pushes the driver further forward in the seat.

I also think you can turn the seat subframe around which moves it further forward but this would only work if you are not too tall yourself.

PM Simon Turner, he’s done some stuff to the pedals for the petit Elaine.


we’re going to try and reverse the runners. Should give an extra 5cm forward movement at the expense of 5cm rearward.

What is it with Exiges and returning from a Walshy day

Do they suddenly become invisible due to some North Weald wormhole or something ?

I wonder if it’s because they’re not being driven at normal velocity due to mental exhaustion.

The guy I was (sort of) in convoy with on Friday said that he was surprised at the number of people in the M25 jam that acted as if they hadn’t seen me when switching lanes (at 2mph!).


can’t really help with the short bird but… but i’ve seen loadsa elises/exiges with Defendall paint protection and its always looked good regardless of car colour… its a lot better than some of the others because its made to fit better… up here in Scotland Tinthaus are the dealers but if you google i’m sure you’ll find some down London way

we’re going to try and reverse the runners. Should give an extra 5cm forward movement at the expense of 5cm rearward.

I know at least one Elise owner with the drivers seat runners reversed to bring the seat further forward. Makes a big difference for them.

Armourfend does the job for me. Some of the older stuff is just starting to look a little yellow though.

I’ve a short bird and she doesn’t like the Exige. Too hot and noisy… The Exige that is…

I’ve just had some film on my S2 Exige done at PaintShield, ( in Grantham, following a recommendation on SELOC. Looked at all the options and they ticked all the boxes with own premises, no cutting of the kit on the vehicle and a bespoke piece for the rear etc. Very happy with finished job and guy that runs it, Tom, very personable. No connection with them just good customer service, another option to maybe consider.


What is it with Exiges and returning from a Walshy day

Do they suddenly become invisible due to some North Weald wormhole or something ?

When you register now you have to decide whether you want to have a bizarre low-speed incident on the way home or a visit to hospital with a muscular injury. I could not make my mind up but opted for the hospital visit

My hand/wrist is quite pretty colours now

Oooooh, I almost feel popular!

AnthonyR � Thanks for the advice on the seat runners, I�ll try this out when I get my car back (still a few weeks away).

SteveJ - Let us know how you get on if you manage to do this before my pride and joy returns. Loosing 5cm rearward travel is probably OK for me, but might not be enough for her.

evo_ufo � Cheers.

BERTONE � I like me bird, so changing is not an option, though getting her to wear high heels might be.

IDG � Thanks for the pedals option, but I like them � so tough on the bird. In future I think I�ll get some tea, relax a bit, and discover some local roads after Walshy days, and then go home once the traffic has died down.

RoxTeddy � Thanks for this. I have made an enquiry to Richard-Thorne in Reading, as they are the nearest dealers that can fit Defendall. Can you confirm how much of the car is protected � does this include the sills and rear wings? Can I be cheeky and ask how much this cost?

Alex � What protection does Armourfend give you on the rear wings of the car? Do you get stone damage around the black scuffy decal thingy?

Hanky � The PaintShield product looks great, and appears to protect the entire front end of the car (including the bonnet). Unfortunately, there appear to be no kits for the sills and rear wings � I have sent them an enquiry asking about this.

Benja � I don�t know about registering, but it appears that you are going to have one of these happen to you whether you like it or not!

Thank you all very much!


Two words,

Genetic Modification!!!


Defendall can cover almost the entire car… On Uldis car it covers nose, bonnet lid, mirrors, sills, rear wings and includes covering all the exposed leading edges - the Armourfend I saw misses some of these leading edges.