HELP - Noise in Neutral with the clutch released

as above I am getting a whirring noise when I have the clutch released in neutral, the noise goes away when the clutch is pressed

is it the clutch release bearing or the main bearings in the gearbox

Sounds like the clutch release bearing to me, nothing to worry about, they all get a bit noisey AFAIK…

But this is why you shouldn’t sit around with the clutch depressed, knackers the bearing, so if you’re waiting at lights it’s better to put it in neutral and release the clutch

I get the noise when the clutch is released

That’s right, but only in neutral right?

I’m not entirely sure of the workings of the clutch, but that’s what happens, noisey when released…

…Most cars probably make this noise, it’s just you can hear so much more in these.

And also why you generally never replace just the clutch, but a whole clutch kit, which is pressure plate and bearing.

Thanks, I just hope it holds out until I get my honda conversion

Thanks, I just hope it holds out until I get my honda conversion

Next 2 days - no chance!!!

Yeah it will be fine. The bearings get noisy quite quickly, but it will last forever.


Unfortunatly they don’t as I found out in Dijon in July.

It wasn’t even that noisy.

Wow, bad luck that matey. What happened, did the bearing colapse or something??? I have known cars go on for ever with noisy release bearings.


Suddenly collapsed, after a brisk drive down the Autoroute.
Absolutely no warning.