Help needed please

right my s1 is playing up with starting, it doesnt happen all the time, ive had to call the aa out twice, the first he pressumed the leads were damp, so i thought ok, ill have to keep it in the garage or something, the second he was testing it as i was tryin to turn it over and there was no spark, and 20 mins later he didnt seem to do anything different, it just fired up and went. he said it was damp. so… started to keep it in garage etc…

Came home from work yesterday and it was a lovely day, had a shower came out 45mins later and nothin?!!! definately wasnt damp!

really need some advice please coz i know there are some clever ppl on this site. By the way the car is absolutely fine when running, it just doesnt wanna start sometimes.

any suggestions? coil?

many thanks



sorry mate, should have been clearer, its turning over, but just not firing?


you should search around this site because its been discussed lots n lots of times before…

When this happens to me I always get it going by:

removing and putting a little skoosh of wd40 into the following connectors… TPS, both temp senders, coilpack LT side and sometimes i remve the injector connectors - but not always. Also remove, shuffle and replace the 3 relays behind the bulkhead cover behind your seats, also reseat the sparkplug leads. You also have to make sure your battery is perfectly healthy and well charged - this isn’t as obvious as you might think (there is a subtle difference between turning over the starter and really turning over the starter. I also fully depress the throttl a few time to get the TPS to make full traverse’s of the potentiometer (to clean it up posssibly ?)

good luck

Anyway, that’s how its always worked out for me…

Check the fuses behind the bulkhead (the 7.5a furthest right of the 4) I took mine out when it wouldn’t fire & replaced with a new one and its been fine since. The fuse hadn’t blown but the contacts seem to corrode & give a bad connection.

Throttle Position Sensor? It sits under the roof vent so gets wet and dodgy.

If it gets stuck on 100% it’ll go into ‘sparkplug cleaning mode’, turning over but without a spark (you can apparently get the same effect by starting the car with your foot full down).

Cheap to fixed, a bugger to diagnose.