Help needed from Exige drivers

Hi All,I’m going to see an exige at the end of this month, can somebody tell me for what I need to be carefull with? What kind of problems did the car have since it has been released by Lotus?Please share your experience with me.ThnxC

YPMain problem drivers get is a form of lock jaw caused by grinning so much!!Seriously though (I was being!), Rear tyres last 5000 miles, Recall for ECU change at the moment - to correct misfire Exiges sometimes get at 5500 rpm and all Exiges give a lil’ squeek from rear suspension.Make sure service record is right up to date.Wonderfull car and really addictive - you’ll make excuses just to go out for a drive.[This message has been edited by Tone (edited 12 August 2002).]

and all Exiges give a lil’ squeek from rear suspension.B][/QUOTE]Mine sqweeks at the front as well. oh and they leak water a little thru’ the side windows. I think it might also be fair to say they ‘track around a bit’ on the road which can be a bit worrying if your not used to or expecting it. But you will definately have a permanent grin on yer coupon when you drive it and for a few hours afterwards.

Hi YPWhat sort of use are you going to put the car to ?? track toy, daily driver ??As for problems hmmmm lets see…in addition to the above posts, we have heard/experienced the following…alternators overheat and fail.engine mounts break.crankcase seals blow.really ****ty idle control that makes town/slow driving a bit of pain.gets bloody hot inside.Very noisy cabin (no soundproofing)air-con is crap and dont work, thats if the pipes haven’t broken and most will !!Standard brakes a bit weak for track work.Wheel arch liners wear through where the wheel comes in contact with it.Damage to the rear clam by stones, check to see if the clam protectors have been fitted, thats a rubber strip over the edge that wraps round the sill.Some of the failures and problems only really show themselves if the car is tracked and driven hard.Thats all i can i think off for now, have good read of this BBS to find out more.If your not into the DIY side of cars, then get a extended warranty to cover any problems.Please dont think i’m trying to put you off, no car is perfect and considering what we have, i for one wouldn’t swap it for anything [image][/image]Phil

quote:Originally posted by Phil Davies:really ****ty idle control that makes town/slow driving a bit of pain.Ohhh i got censored [image][/image]

thnx for the info. I will be using the exige most of the time for touring arround, daily usage, but not on the track.

quote:Originally posted by YP:…but not on the track.Then you’ll be really missing out!!!If there was a League Against Exige Cruelty they’d be on to you!In all seriousness though, it’s really hard (and usually very illegal) to get the Exige anywhere near what it was designed to do on the public roads. Unless you just want it for it’s great looks or the racecar experience (which can include the costs!) you may find you enjoy something else more. But each to their own.Ian [image][/image]

Have to agree with Ian, it’s a waste of the car if your not going on the track, but everyone to there own…Prehaps you will change your mind having driven it, i did !!

Wow had mine 6 weeks, totally mind blowing. Went out with a mate last night who�s a pro driver. Never had so much fun!! Just hope there were no helicopters with cameras!! Don�t be afraid just buy one for the manic fun factor. One thing I have noticed about this site and the owners: everyone appears to be as happy as me?