Help needed for stuck window

I own a 99 111S and the drivers side window is stuck down. The problem is that part of the cross section (the wheel that fits in the runner on the inside side of the door) has bent and is stopping the mechanism moving up.
My local Lotus dealer cannot look at it until Tuesday - so I am hoping it doesnt rain as use it as an every day car!
Does anybody know of a decent mechanic/garage in the Derby area who I could use?
Plus, does anybody have a rough idea how much the repair would cost at a Lotus dealer?

Nope, but if I was you, I’d try to dismount the thing myself and see what can be done…

cant you remove the door panel and dislodge it then support the window with a piece of wood until you get it fixed proper? I had to do this with another famously well built motor car in a previous life.

BTW how did it get bent?

Ive took the door panel off, got the whole mechanism out and straightened the bent bits. Put it all back together, wound the window up and down - ok, did it again - the rear edge popped out again!
The only thing I can see that might be slightly damaged is the runner that the glass clamps onto - the rear end looks slightly crooked - the only way to straighten this would be to take the glass out completely, and that looks a bit too difficult!
Ive tried - its now going to the dealer tomorrow.

Well, at least you tried…

Taking the glass out is easy but awkward, the inner window/door seal needs to be pulled out and the 3 nuts undone from the blocks that are glued onto the glass, it then lifts out.

Took it to the dealer - the only problem was the guide which the window fixes to - just as I suspected.
Unfortunately the guide comes complete with the window, as the glass is bonded to the metal so it couldnt be repaired.
The only solution was a new pane of glass with guide fixed to it - 1/2 hour job - �205 !!

That is a very common problem and also very easy to fix using epoxy glue (�1.99), all 3 brackets came off my wifes car, glass came out and they were all bonded back on within half an hour.

Thats dealers for you