help my sports exhaust is far too loud!!

ive recently bought my self a mrk 1 99T elise which so far i have been extremly pleased with…until now… i originally had a cat replacement pipe which i was told would enhance its tune and performance levels which too a p[oint it did… but not quite enough so i got myself a full stainless steel sports silencer… which i now can’t stand, its far too loud for everyday use and i don’t quite know what too do about it…ive heard exhausts on other elise but nothing quite compares too this one… is this normal and is there anything i can do about it… would putting ther cat back make much difference???

Put the cat back on, it will deffo improve things.

lets hope so mate… cos im driving the neighbours mad!! have you encountered the same problem…? mines just rediculous it just starts screeming at about 3,000 revs! it is quicker but just not practical!

Did you buy it second hand? maybe it needs re-packing already!


Which exhaust did you get?