Help Me!!!!! Uuurrrggghhh!!!!

i saw a white S2 exige today with black viper stripes that reminded me of my old type 23 and in a state of nostalgic passion i almost traded in my S1 for it!!! I know it would have been so wrong and i feel like i have betrayed my beautiful S1!! She looks at me all suspect-like when i go into the garage i rub polish into her bum and she knows ive been up to no good!! Only the other day i promised her a new lease of life with an engine conversion and already im touching up other models!!! Damn you temptation!! Damn yoooooouuuuuuu!!!

Well, she already can’t be happy about you having an affair with the (coming) Mustang, but at least you’re not getting rid of her.

But (as I can see you’re doing well) may I suggest turning the S1 to a track only car (as several have done here, look for RussT and Mike Lane for inspiration) AND buy an white S2 for the road?

Koopa, there comes a time, when they get on a bit, where the kindest thing you can do is lead them lovingly, out to the barn, with shotgun in hand and a tear and do only what a man can do. Do it humanely.

Bah! im not doing well enough to have to exiges uldis i lurve my s1 cos its such a raucous little slut of a car … but im very sexed up on this old english white s2!! i would want to use it on track but as a reliable road car too, i can always bolt a supercharger on the s2 as well

Bah! im not doing well enough to have to exiges uldis

Guess who bought himself a 2nd Exige yesterday

However… there is some method in my madness…

Stop teasing

That only means you’re doing very well indeed!

What’s the plan?

intending to sell for profit??