HELP - Jenvey TB/Airbox vs cooling hose

I am mounting my Dave Andrews motor and have run into a problem. The new motor comes with Jenvey TBs that are about 1 inch shorter than the stock TBs. I also received a Bernard Scouse Airbox kit. When I attempt to mount the aibox, it hits the coolent pipe (engine return) that mounts under the airbox. How have people solved that problem??

According to the Lotus Parts book, the coolent pipe, engine return, is the same for the Elise/Elise II/Exige/340r.




ps. Pic here:


Stock here only, don’t know, but seeing that this is a mod, can’t you mod also the pipe’s routing?
Somehow bend it closer?


Can you fit spacers between the t/bs & the aluminium backing plate?

fit spacers between the t/bs & the aluminium backing plate?

I thought that the trumpets in the airbox were tuned (by their precise length) so as to maximise torque, so if you add spacers you will change the lengths and may end up losing instead of gaining power…

I’d ask Dave and Bernard…


You’re very probably correct - I am a self confessed technical numptie!

Looking at the Elise bbs, Roy has had a reply from Bernard, & apparantly the answer is to use brute force & bend the pipe - easy innit?

Thanks for everyones comments. I was told to just use a bar and bend it down out of the way. It worked!